3 Top Cities for Solo Travel

Bangkok-Tuk_tuk_whizzing_alongThere are a number of countries that are renowned for traveling solo but what about specific cities? We have chosen 5 cities from around the world.

1. Barcelona

The Catalan capital is a thumping, pumping city with lots to do from beaches, culture and partying!

There are many free walking tours which makes Barcelona a great place to be solo and hook up with other travellers.

2. Bangkok

The capital of SE Asia backpacking and for many the start of the banana pancake trail. The city now boasts more visitors than London or Paris!

There is so much to do and see, try a trip to the royal palace or sit and watch the freak show on Koh San Road.

3. Sydney

The capital of New South Wales and Australia’s number one city is a great base for solo travelers to land before heading off around the country. Indeed many travelers don’t even make it beyond the city itself!

Sydney has beaches, bars and sights galore.



Bali island of Sun and Gods

The island of Bali in Indonesia is one of the jewels of travel in Asia. Unlike most of Indonesia Bali is a Hindu island but also a melting pot of culture from Muslim to western.

For the solo traveller Bali is a superb place to hang out. This is due in part to the many activities that are on offer on the island, they range from surfing, diving, yoga resorts, moutain hiking and spiritual retreats.

There is of course the fine beaches to chill out on too.

Popular places in Bali include Ubud that’s famous for arts, writing and yoga. Kuta, Legian and Seminyak are famous for big surf, great beaches and thumping nightlife. Lovina and North Bali are famous for a more backpacking scene and the East coast is great for diving.

The central mountains are lush with paddy fields and volcanoes that offer challenging climbs and splendid views.

Even if you are travelling solo in Bali you will never feel alone. The island is crowded and millions of tourists and travellers from all over visit the island.

The high season is April thru September and Christmas, New Years.

Bali is not as cheap as it once was but is still affordable by western standards.