New Solo Travel Destinations for 2019

We are always on the look out for new destinations for our audience of solo travelers so here is a collection of some places to be in 2019!


East Africa is an upcoming destination for the intrepid traveller who prefers to travel alone. Countries such as Malawi are excellent as an introduction to Africa. There is good infrastructure there and plenty of budget style hostels for all.

It is easy – if slow – to travel around using public transport. Wherever you decide to go, there will always be some form of transport going your way, be it a smart coach or the back of a pickup, it’s how most of the local folk get around.

English is widely spoken and people are helpful – even more so if they see you are travelling alone. Many African women travel a lot, buying and selling, you are quite likely to be taken under the wing of one who will feel sorry for you being without a friend to travel with!

Things are not set up just to cater for rich tourists, there are plenty of cheap hotels and guesthouses you can stay in, even in quite small towns. You don’t need to book a room in advance unless you are going somewhere popular at a busy time – like Zanzibar for Xmas.

There are less independent tourists than in, say, Thailand, but there are a fair few, and most of them are visiting the same places. Look on a map, there aren’t that many roads so it’s quite hard to get off the beaten track! I’ve never had problems meeting other foreigners, either to share a meal with, or to travel with for a few days. If people are travelling in the same general direction as you, it’s not uncommon to keep bumping into them over and again, which is fun. Because there are less of you, you’re more likely to talk to each other.

If you do head to East Africa then make sure you have comprehensive cover like 90 days travel insurance in case you run into problems.

We love East Africa and it gets to you like no other place I’ve visited – but its not easy to travel there independently. I go once or twice a year but use a travel consultant now to book everthing for us. Only on our first trip in 2006 did we travel as we usually do – i.e. get a flight there and wing it thereafter. We wasted a lot of time and money trying to find accommodation and arranging things. We haven’t tried to do this since because its just more cost-effective to have things organised before we get there.


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